Jonathan Murstein

Managing Director, Elevation Capital Partners

Jonathan Murstein has 16 years of investment banking experience. He has originated, structured, and executed complex municipal, project finance, and high-yield transactions for a range of borrowers, including medical schools, waste disposal and waste to- energy facilities, energy companies, and charter schools. 


Mr. Murstein specializes in the analytical and legal framework of transactions, with his responsibilities extending to credit analysis, debt portfolio evaluation, intricate cash-flow modeling, and intensive document review. Mr. Murstein has designed both federally taxexempt and taxable structures for short- and longterm loans, with and without credit ratings. 


Alongside other members of  Elevation Capital Partners, Mr. Murstein financed one of the more ambitious municipal port transformations of the past couple decades. At the time that Mr. Murstein and his teammates embarked upon the financing journey, the Port of Beaumont on the Gulf Coast of Texas was the 4th-busiest port in the U.S. in terms of tonnage, with a substantial portion of that cargo consisting of petroleum products. However, virtually all petroleum product had been shipped to and from private refinery, pipeline, dock, or tank facilities. The Port itself had operated no facilities for handling liquid product. The Port determined to develop a 243-acre site across the Neches River from the Port’s main dock facilities, a project that was envisioned by the Port as a full transload facility where liquid hydrocarbons could be transported by rail and truck from or to water and pipeline transport. As part of the public-private enterprise envisioned for the project, the Port invested approximately $40 million at the site for rail, wharf, and related improvements benefitting liquids shipping. The terminal that Mr. Murstein and his teammates at The Burrell Financial Services Group initially financed was subsequently acquired by a subsidiary of Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC, a publicly-traded company, and today is a premier transload and storage facility on the Gulf Coast. 


Mr. Murstein also worked side-by-side with other members of Elevation Capital Partners to arrange the initial financing of The Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine (“ICOM”) and the refinancing of the original loan for The Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine (“BCOM”). 


Mr. Murstein holds a B.A. in Economics from Harvard University.